Will My Baby Get Boils?

Boils can happen to anyone, but they are especially common in children, older men and other specific groups. Though not specifically common in pregnant women, it is possible to get boils during pregnancy, and it is important to see your doctor if you do have boils.

Are Boils Contagious For the Baby?

Studies have shown that 3-5% of the time that a pregnant woman has boils, the baby will be affected by the bacterium that caused the boils.  Therefore, if you are pregnant and have boils, don't try to treat them yourself. It is very important that you see a doctor and have the doctor treat your situation. The child may get infected with boils if the genes that carry the spores of bacterium Staphylococcus aereus are transferred from the mother to the child.

Myths about Pregnancy and Boils

There are myths about the result on the baby if a pregnant woman has boils. There is virtually no chance of the baby being born deformed or with defects as a result of the boils, even if the mother has repeated attacks during the pregnancy. There is also no need to worry about miscarrying as a result of the boils.

Other Important Information

It is certainly important to be seen by a doctor and to get treatment if you are pregnant and have boils. The staph boil infection can lead to other bacterial infections during pregnancy. It is, therefore, important to get treatment for the boils as soon as you realize that you are suffering from a bacterial infection. Studies have shown that penicillin and related medicines are generally safe to take during pregnancy, and these are often used to treat pregnant women with boils. 80% of the time, the boils will be treated and will disappear with penicillin medicines. Usually, before treating a pregnant woman, the doctor will get a bacterial culture and will have the culture studied to determine the right antibiotics for the germ. Assuming that your boils were effectively treated, you should expect to have a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

Other Interventions

If a pregnant woman can't seem to get rid of the boils, even after working with a doctor, then more drastic measures may need to be taken. The resistance indicates that the bacteria causing the infection are so strong that it may only be dealt with through a surgical means. If this is the case, the doctor would make a small incision along the boil head and then allow the pus to drain. This treatment brings relief to the pregnant woman and is a way to deal with stubborn boils.

Learn more about boils and pregnancy and seek advice and treatment if you are pregnant and find that you have boils. Also make sure to practice good hygiene, eat well and get exercise!