Prevent Those Boils!

No one wants to be plagued by boils. While there are many treatment options to help you to eliminate your boils, the best treatment is always prevention. Here are a number of suggestions to help you to prevent boils and to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Soap, Soap Everywhere

Using antibacterial soap is certainly a good way to try to prevent skin boils. Using antibacterial soap will keep bacteria from building up on your skin, helping hair follicles to avoid infection. This will help to prevent the formation of boils on your skin. If you speak with your doctor, he or she may even have a suggestion for a special cleanser that can eliminate bacteria more effectively than can the over-the-counter soaps.

Clothing Makes a Difference

Believe it or not, your clothing choices can make a difference with boils. Make sure to wear clothing that isn't too tight on your body. The more that you chafe your skin, the more likely you are to develop skin boils.


When you have staph infections, you leave yourself open to skin boils. This is because bacteria enters your body through cuts and scrapes. Pay particular attention to any cuts that you have by cleaning them thoroughly when they occur. They should be washed with warm soap and water and should then have an antibiotic put on them.

Too Much Pressure

There are boils that form on the buttocks called pilonidal cysts. These occur because of continued pressure and too much sitting time. You can prevent these from occurring by making sure not to put too much pressure on your behind. This is particularly true if you notice any hair follicles becoming inflamed.

Finally, Surgery

Hopefully, you won't get to this point, but surgery is an option, when necessary, for boils prevention. During surgery, a surgeon would remove sweat glands in the area of the skin that becomes repeatedly infected. You might also need surgery if you have pilonidal cysts. These cysts require the doctor to remove the outer shell of the cyst so that the skin boil has a chance to heal.

Certainly, staying as healthy and clean as possible can help to prevent boils. Speak with your doctor to receive other tips for preventing boils, and make sure to take care of boils immediately if they do occur.