Boils From Behind

Boils can be found in many places on the body. One of the common locations for them is on your rear end. It's very important to know what these look like and to stay on top of treating them, so that they don't become infected.

The Look of Boils on the Behind

These boils usually start as a red, tender area. With time, they become firm and hard and then the center of the abscess will soften and fill with infection-fighting white blood cells. Eventually, these white blood cells will combine with bacteria and protein to create pus. This pus will have a head on it and will, eventually, drain.

Diagnosing These Boils

A doctor will easily be able to diagnose for you that you have boils on your behind. The following symptoms can also help you to diagnose the problem for yourself. You'll find pus-filled lumps on your behind that are red, tender and painful. The center will become either white or yellow as it gets ready to drain. If you have multiple boils, you may experience fever or swollen lymph nodes. Sometimes, before the boil even develops, you'll notice that you have itching.

Causes of These Boils

Boils on the behind come as a result of a number of factors. They can be caused from ingrown hairs or the result of a splinter or other foreign object that gets lodged under the skin. Sometimes, a plugged sweat gland can become infected and cause boils on the buttocks; this is the most common reason for these boils. Finally, a break of any sort in the skin, even a cut or scrape, can develop into an abscess and can then become infected with bacteria.

Treating Boils on the Buttocks

Once you've been diagnosed by a professional, you should begin treatment right away. You can have complications if you leave the boils untreated, and skin boils are very contagious. There are many treatments for boils today. Some of them are home remedies and natural ideas, while others are medically recommended and prescribed. Do some research and speak to your doctor about the best remedy for your situation.

Preventing Boils Before They Happen

If you find that you're prone to developing boils, there are certain precautions that you can implement. Make sure to wash your hands and other areas of your body with antibacterial soap so that bacteria can't build up and infect your pores. Try to use an abrasive brush like a loufa. This will help to break up oil plugs. Wear only cotton underwear that is loose fitting. If you tend to sweat a great deal, keep yourself as dry as possible. Moisture can make boils worse.

Take care of your skin to the best of your ability so that you don't develop boils on your behind, or anywhere else. If you do find yourself with boils, take quick measurements to treat them so that you'll remain healthy!