Treat Your Boils Naturally

When you are looking for an answer to treat your boils, you'll undoubtedly stumble across many suggestions. Here, we have compiled a lengthy list of natural remedies for treating boils. These remedies should be easily found in your home, and should help you with your boils. They are often a first step solution; if you don't find that any of these remedies work for you, you can certainly explore medical options and speak with your doctor about other suggestions.

Foods to Banish Boils

There are many food items that people recommend to get rid of boils. Take onion or garlic juice and apply it externally to the boil. This should ripen it, help it to break and help the pus to come out. You can mix these juices in equal parts and apply them to the boil. Another idea is to mix bitter gourd juice with 1 teaspoon of lime juice and sip it slowly on an empty stomach everyday for several days. Some people say this helps with blood filled boils. Another food remedy for boils is to apply a teaspoon of milk cream and vinegar with a pinch of turmeric powder to the boil. This can help to ripen the blood boil and to help it to heal without turning septic.

Leaves and Other Ideas for Boils

There are a number of remedies for boils that include spices or leaves. Take a betel leaf and warm it until it is soft. Coat it with castor oil and then spread the leaf over the boil. Replace it every few hours. After applying this for a few times, the boil should rupture and drain out the pus. For another idea, ground cumin seeds to a past in water and apply to the boil. Another idea is to steep parsley in boiled water until it looks soft and juicy. Wrap it in a linen cloth and apply it to the boil. Finally, roast some roots of tumeric and dissolve the ashes in a cup of water. Apply this over the boil and it should help the boil to ripen and to burst.

Diet Ideas

There are certainly as many home remedy ideas for boils as there are boils in the world. A few other interesting ideas are offered here. Try going on an orange juice diet for a few days. Dilute orange juice in water so that it's 50% juice and drink this for three to four days. Then, boost your immune system by starting a healthy diet. This should include fresh and unprocessed foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Restrict your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice and focus on vegetables, fruit, proteins and dairy. Avoid any caffeine, condiments, sauces and pickles.

Hopefully, one of these ideas will work for you and will help you to treat your boils. If you believe that the boils have become infected, then seek medical attention quickly.