Time for a Doctor!

Much of the time, if you find that you have a boil, you can treat it on your own. There is a wealth of information about how to treat boils naturally and through home remedies. There are also many over-the-counter remedies for sale today and various ways to treat boils. The question arises, however, about when you should seek treatment from a professional for your boils. There are a number of answers, and they are certainly important for anyone who experiences boils to know.

When to Seek Treatment

You need to seek treatment with a medical professional if your boils are causing you an extreme amount of pain. While boils are painful, they shouldn't be debilitating and you should seek treatment if you feel that yours are. If you have a very tender boil, particularly one with red lines radiating from it, or if you have a fever and chills, you should seek attention. These are signs that you have an infection that has spread, and you'll want to be looked at right away. If you are taking corticosteroidal medication such as prednisone or cortisone and you develop a boil, you should seek medical attention. Finally, if you have a cluster of boils or if you continually get boils you should seek help.

Other Reasons to See a Doctor for Boils

Sometimes, you don't know what you have and you aren't sure it is a boil. You may see a skin irritation that is unusual. You should certainly seek medical attention in such a situation, as it could be a boil or something even more serious. Boils begin as hard knots on the surface of the skin. If you find that you have a hard knot that is painful, but that doesn't seem to change or heal, then you should seek medical assistance. Another reason to see a doctor is if you have a boil that simply won't heal. You may find that it comes to a head and then gets worse, or it may burst and become infected. If you are taking care of the boil, cleaning it correctly and applying ointment, and it still won't get better, then you should see your doctor.

Pregnant with Boils

If you are pregnant and have boils, you should go to your doctor. While boils aren't going to cause a miscarriage or birth defects, they can get to the baby in 3-5 % of cases. You'll want to talk to your physician and have him put you on a course of treatment. Usually, pregnant women can take penicillin without harming the baby. Your doctor will create a treatment plan for you that should protect both you and the baby.

It is always better to be safe - rather than sorry. Don't be embarrassed to visit your doctor if you find a strange thing on your skin, or if you know you have a boil but can't get rid of it. This is their job and they are there to help you and to fix the problem. With the right treatment, your boils should go away and you'll be back to looking the way you want to look - boils-free!